About us

TFS Schooling System was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Bilal in the year 2006. Since the beginning TFS objective is to give good environment and quality education to the students.

The approach to TFS schooling system is adhered in the belief that pupil have a dynamic instinct to explore and learn about their environment. All pupils carry within themselves the potential of becoming a decent personality. Developing the physical, intellectual and spiritual strength at its peak requires freedom which is achieved through practical innovation and self-discipline.

What We Do

TFS gives pupil an environment that respects all people and ideas. We are dedicated to provide intellectually stimulating and emotionally calming atmosphere in which pupil can become self-directed learners. We continue to expand our minds and use this knowledge to make a good impact on our society.

What We Offer.

We offer an excellent educational team with expertise in educational methods and skilled at collaborating with parents to meet each child’s individual needs.

System Followed

TFS Schooling System promotes and implements both Cambridge System as well as matriculation system. Currently TFS is entertaining students from Pre-Nursery till Grade 7. InshAllah Grade 8 will be introduced in current year (i.e. August 2016) and the updating of classes will continue till Grade 10 / ‘O’ levels in upcoming years as our most senior batch moves on.

TFS is a forward thinking institution aiming to prepare pupils for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking, skills, global perspective, respect for others, honesty, integrity, loyalty and compassion. TFS is developing the abilities and skills to be a lifetime learner which in turn will give success for today and future InshAllah.

Our faculty comprises of two hard working and enthusiastic in-charges one each for Montessori and Senior Campus. Besides this for Senior Campus we have a highly experienced and qualified Academic Consoler.

Under the supervision and guidance of In-charges and Academic Consoler works a team of highly dedicated, professional and motivated teachers who are keen to create life time learning abilities in the students. All the teachers are well experienced and have attended many in-house workshops and workshops organized by Oxford University and other renowned institutions.

The faculty at TFS has a strong believes that the youth of today are champions of tomorrow all they need is our support and trust in their abilities. Here teachers are seen as an experienced companion mentoring the students to lead them in the right direction.

Director's Message

TFS Schooling system started in 2006 the School is committed to creating an ambiance for nurturing innovating, creativity and excellence in our students. We at TFS believe that parents and teachers need to work together in order to deliver the best education and we encourage strong participation in the school life from our parent body. We foster an environment in which each new member is welcomed as a valued addition. At TFS each Child is valued as a learner with his or her own strength and needs. We pride ourselves in challenging students to their optimum capacity while making sure that each learning generosity of heart and need for self-construction time is nourished

We sincerely want to work together to make TFS a happy place children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving an education second to none, and place in which teachers express their joy of working with pride.

Muhammad Furqan Bilal.


At First step, our staff is committed to provide an environment that stimulates positive personal development. We work diligently with parents to help foster self motivation and creativity in each student. We want the students to view learning as interesting, fun and meaningful in a positive and secure learning environment. I believe that all children can learn best when parents and teachers work as parents to support each child’s developing skills. Studies show that parents involvement in children’s lives helps them become better students and excel in life. As parents and teachers, it is our duty to channel the talents of our generation into constructive resources giving life and energy to build up our nation. So, let’s take our first step forth.


Mrs. Ammara Mohsin

I am Mrs. Nazish Furqan. After serving for many years in different schools I have at last joined “TFS Schooling System”. I would like to deliver a small message to the parents of our children. Well the purpose of education in general is to train our young children to be a useful member of a society & to enable them to be familiar with our culture, art religion and become a good & an ideal citizen of Pakistan.

We at TFS are trying our utmost efforts to deliver each child all rounds. For this purpose our management has appointed all trained and qualified staff who works with great devotion & sincerity to educate young children. I really hope that with the joint venture of our teachers & parents we will prove to be a boom for the students. May Almighty God bless our Director, management, teachers, parents & students with shower of long, happy & prosper life Ameen.


Mrs. Nazish Furqan.

We at TFS Schooling System believe that education is an interactive process, centered on the Child: it involves parent, teachers ‘and environment in equal measures. Every child is unique and Precious to us having his / her own blend of mental, emotional, physical and social needs this Encourages children to explore and experience the knowledge and to develop their curiosity and Creativity. Thus the key to success lies in the central parent partnership which would ultimately Helps in overall responsibility for grooming of the child. Our goal is to keep abreast with the latest Methodologies of teaching. To translate our future aspirations into realities, we have set target For: a support learning environment with maximum facilities, curriculum focused leadership, Parental involvement and support, a system of monitoring performance, attainment ongoing staff and professional development program. We hope that this will help mold your child into a Mature adult, better capable of taking on the challenges of tomorrow.

Our school exists for one reason: to help your child succeed. For that reason, we provide, attentive Environment where students are understood and appreciated. We offer trained teachers who are Skilled at working with a range of different learning styles to ensure cognitive, social and Emotional growth. Our Educational Institute believes in a child-centered, experimental approach to learning abstractly. Children are provided with opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, Physically and intellectually, improve problem-solving, make decisions and begin taking turns Develop communication and negotiation skills in relating to other people gain divergent thinking Skills as their own ideas and creativity.

We aim for a “Quality Learning Experience “for the children and “Quality Teaching” from the faculty by providing “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” within sociology-cultural framework bringing Schooling System persist its journey on the path of excellence and hand round the coming generations of the Nation. With genuine aspiration!


Academic Counselor