We emphasize towards Punctuality as it is compulsory for the students to attend assembly which is part of education and initiate our day with prayers.


Playgroup timings are as follows:

Monday to Thursday 09:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon
Friday 09:00 a.m. till 11:30 a.m.


Moiety Blue to Moiety Red timings are as follows:

Monday to Thursday 09:00 a.m. till 01:00 p.m.
Friday 09:00 a.m. till 11:30 a.m.


Senior Campus (All Classes) timings are as follows:

Monday to Thursday 08:00 a.m. till 01:45 p.m.
Friday 08:00 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.
Any change in these timings will be notified to the parents via circulars.


Students will not be allowed to enter school premises after above mentioned timings. However, for Fifteen (15) minutes additional time will be allowed, for Montessori Campus. Any child coming in this additional time will be considered as ‘Late’ and needs to report in Administration Office prior to moving to their respective classes.


For Montessori Campus, childwith more than three (3) late in a month will not be allowed to attend school on that day and will be marked as absent.


The school will not accept any student before 08:35a.m. for Montessori Campus and 07:35a.m. for Senior Campus.


For Montessori Campus the child will not be handed over to any person (Parent, Guardian, Relative, Servant or Driver) not having the Pupil’s Security Card issued by the school. Security Card will be issuedonly once for the complete duration of child in Montessori Campus. Keep it coated and secured.


At off time gate will be opened 2 minutes prior to off time. Parents are required to be patient and co-operate with on duty staff. Any misbehavior with the staff will result in cancellation of admission without any notice.


It is the entire responsibility of parents to timely drop & pickup their child.


Students must regularlyattend school, which would help them to be at par academically, and as a result their overall performances will assure them to stick with the standard right from the beginning of every Academic Session.


It is important that any absence from school is supported by a written application from parent / guardian.


No student is allowed to leave school during normal school hours without prior written permission/request from parent / guardian. The permission should be taken from school Administration Office.


Students suffering from any infectious disease must not be sent to school.


In case of sick leave doctor’s certificate should also be provided along with written application.


Should a student miss lessons, for any reason, it is the responsibility of the parents or student to contact Administration and catch up with the missed assignments.


The student will be de-registered from school if he/she is absent from school without notice for ten or more days. For re-joining such students will have to seek re-admission in school and pay all the applicable dues.


Students must take pride in their uniform and wear the correct school uniform daily. Improper uniform is not acceptable under any circumstance. Uniform details are mentioned below


Class Playgroup
No uniform. Child should come in neat and decent dress.


All other classes
Campus wise proper school uniform available at Ghani’s Uniform Hyderi
Branch, Karachi.
Black Shoes and Black Socks for both boys and girls.
Black Hair band, Hair Pin, Hair Catcher or Ponytail for girls.
Plane Navy Blue Sweater (If needed) for both boys and girls.
Plane Navy Blue Woolen Cap (If needed) for both boys and girls.


P.T.Dress (To be worn on P.T. day Only)
Assigned House T-Shirt and White Trouser, available at Ghani’s Uniform
Hyderi Branch, Karachi.
White Socks & White Shoes.


Taekwondo Dress (To be worn on Taekwondo day Only)
Dress can be purchased from Taekwondo Instructor.
(P.T. and Taekwondo day will be intimated via circular for different classes)


Studentmust come neat & clean to school. Anyone arriving at school in untidy / improper uniform shallnot be allowed to attend school and will be marked absent for that day.


It must be ensured that nails are properly cut/trimmed and clean.


Girls with long hair should have them pinned or tied back so that they do not get in their eyes.


Make up, jewelry and nail polish are strictly forbidden.


Boy’s hair should be short & no longer than an inch. No funky hairstyle is allowed. Hair should be properly combed in decent style.


Students should not have head lice.


Wrist bands are strictly prohibited to all.


Boys are not allowed with pierced ear.


Student must be regular at school. Deliberately missing or bunking the classes shall NOT be tolerated. Any student found engaged into such activity shall be dealt severely.


Students must show respect and regard for others. Any kind of misconduct will be dealt severely. Abusive language shall NOT be tolerated under any circumstance.


Students must demonstrate care for school property. Damaging school property is strictly forbidden. Any damage caused to School property will result in strict action and heavy fines.


Students are expected to keep the school premises clean by using the trash containers. Littering inside/outside the school premises is prohibited.


The management reserves the right to take necessary actions regarding any matter relating to the prestige of the School and / or its Management, such as defaming the school, management, faculty or students through any means.


The School Management reserves the right to expel any student at any time for any misconduct or violation of school’s rules & regulation.


Students, who are expelled or suspended for any reason, will not be eligible for refund of any fee.

The following items are strictly forbidden and should not be brought into the School by any person under any circumstances:


Any sort of Weapons, Blades or Dangerous Sprays.


Any offensive / pornographic materials.


Pocket Lasers


Any fire catching / fire generating items.


Radios, Headphones, IPODS, Tabs, Mobiles phones or such other Gadgets


Parents should support their child in all the educational activities by praising and showing interest in their school assignments.


Parents are not allowed to visit classes during study hours.


Parents are not allowed to directly interact with teaching faculty. If parents feel to discuss about their child’s progress with teachers, they must ensure to take prior appointment from the Administration Office.


Parents are strongly advised to interact with the staff and faculty members with courtesy and respect. Any misbehavior will be strictly dealt with and may result in expulsion of the child /student.


Any parent found to be attempting to bribe, manipulate or use unfair/illegal means for any purpose with any personnel of the school will face serious consequences, which could include expulsion of their offspring, institution of legal proceedings, or any such action that the School Management deems fit.


Parents are expected to be reasonable and logical in their demands. If there is any serious concern they should write a letter to the Management, or seek an appointment via phone call on school numbers.


It is strictly prohibited to give or take contact numbers from school staff or faculty. For any communication parents are required to contact on school numbers only.


It is the prime responsibility of parents to ensure that the provided information is up to date. Parents must immediately notify the school, in writing, of any changes in their contact information.


The School Management reserves the right to withhold certificates/ report cards or any document in case of any information/detail either major or minor is not provided or is found to be outdated.


Parents may be contacted by concerned members of the school regarding their child’s behavior or performance as and when needed.


The school will keep the parents informed throughfollowing:-
• Circulars / Notices in student’s diary / bag.
• Posting information on the School Notice Board
• In case of emergency or for unscheduled holidays, parents are required to check TFS website ( or TFS Facebook page (


Parents are required to be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious activities immediately to school Administration on school PTCL / Mobile numbers.


Parents must submit a written request if they require any document from school. This includesProgress / Assessment Reports, Letters or Certificates.


The school will require at least seven (7) working days for approval and issuance of required document.


No document will be issued on urgent basis.


No document will be issued unless all the dues are clear.


Leaving Certificate (LC) is issued only on written request. LC will not be issued prior to last day of child at school. In addition, for LC all the terms stated above shall also apply.


The school has the right to publish its students’ names, pictures, video recordings or work on any means of media for the purpose of appreciation of students or for promotion of the School.


The school reserves the right to block from social media any student / parent found to be insulting, defaming, disrespecting and/or threatening the School or anyone related to the School Management/staff/faculty.


All examination results are final. In case of any serious reservation Parents should submit a written request to discuss the examination paper with the concerned teacher. After approval from Management the same may be re-evaluated by TFS staff. After which results in the progress report cannot be challenged and must be accepted by the parents/students with good grace.


If the student is caught cheating or is involved in any other unfair means during any examination then his / her paper will be taken away and the student will be allotted zero marks in that particular paper.


Students with less than 90% attendance and unsatisfactory letters of explanation from parents/guardians will not be permitted to sit for the final examinations.


Defaulters will not be permitted to sit for examination and will not be issued report cards or certificates until all dues are cleared.


If a student does not show up to school during Monthly Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments OR Final Examinations, Assessment / Examinations will not be taken again.


Any student, who is found tampering with marks in the report card or other school certificate will be suspended / expelled from the school without any prior warning / notice.


Report cards are confidential and must not be shared with other students or their parents.


Outdoor trips may include educational trips, sports events, picnics, competitions and other such events outside the school premises.


All trips outside the school premises will require approval / permission from parents.


Details and permission slips will be sent to parents in student’s diary. Permission slips must be submitted prior to given deadlines as after the expiry of given date, such students shall be considered as not permitted by parents and will not be allowed to go for that outdoor trip.


For all the trips reporting time intimated via circulars will be final and no additional time will be allowed.


In case of delay or absence any amount charged for the trip will not be refundable or adjustable.


The school & its staff will not be responsible for any accident, injuries or damages during any such trips.


Sick students should not be sent on trip. Parents, who have already submitted permission slips, must inform the school management in advance via written application about the inability of their child to participate in the trip. Non-compliance of the same may result in deduction of marks.


School encourages healthy eating habits. Soft drinks are strictly not allowed. Parents are requested to send healthy food in lunch and avoid junk food which is not good for health.


School strongly discourages force feeding the child during lunch time as doing so ends up with the child disliking both the food and lunch time.


Parents are instructed to deposit Monthly Tuition Fee of their child regularly on monthly basis before due date (usually 12th of every month). In case, if it is not paid within due date an additional amount of Rs. 300/- will be payable. Kindly note that the school considers this additional amount as Charity which is donated to any charitable institution on behalf of the parents.


Fee Voucher will be issued in the Daily Lesson Diary of your child towards the end of every month for the fee of upcoming month.


It is the entire responsibility of the parents to collect the Fee Voucher within the prescribed time. Additional amount as mentioned above will be charged after the due date in any case as per rule.


June, July & Annual Fee will be charged with January, February & March respectively.


Annual fee is charged on yearly basis and not on session basis. Hence, if a child has continued to study in school even for a month in year he/she will be eligible for Annual fee of that particular year. In addition, Annual fee is non-refundable in any case.


Student’s Admission will be cancelled in case of Outstanding Dues of Three(3) months or more.


Student whose Admission is cancelled because of outstanding dues will have to seek Re-admission into the school by clearing the outstanding dues and making payment for Re-admission along with the Admission Annual & Current Month fee.


Management has the right to increase school fee any time during the year.


The school wishes to clarify that we do not operate any transport services for the pick and drop of children to and from the school. As such the school has no control or authority over the transport providers so as to regulate, supervise or police them. The school has only authorized the transporters to offer services for different routes.


Kindly note that the school administration does not hold any responsibility for the student’s safety outside the school premises and cannot accept any liability arising out of any untoward incident occurring outside the school premises in general and owing to the negligence of a transport provider in particular.


It is requested that the parents should take the responsibility for the condition of the transport vehicle in which they send their children to school and ensure that all possible safety measures are taken to avoid any mishap.


Further ensure that the transporter drops their child to school in time. The school will not accept any student after 8:00 a.m. at Senior Campus and 9:15a.m. at Montessori Campus.


The School has issued two car stickers (Front & Back) in order to facilitate the parents to park their vehicles for pick and drop. Kindly paste both the stickers on your car as NO vehicle will be allowed to park or wait along with the boundaries of the School unless both front and back stickers are prominently pasted on the car.


Do not park vehicle in No Parking Zone mentioned outside the school premises.


Do not park vehicle in front of anyone’s gate or at the entrance / exit of streets.


Kindly cooperate with staff on duty. In case of any misbehavior with the staff, the Management has the right to deregister the child immediately.